Some analysis from top recruiters who works closely with top clients in Sweden. Consultant company may hire employee as a consultant or recruits directly to client’s company

  • Mostly 2 sectors are booming in current situations
    • Developers for IT industries
    • Tech person and engineers for automobile industries 
  • Not only in consulting companies but also companies generally are hiring mostly experienced persons rather than freshers.
  • IT market is growing due to lot of companies are shifting to digitization including digital integration and digital product  
  • On the other hand not-tech persons are becoming more jobless due to lot of companies are shifting to digitization including digital integration and digital product
  • Current growing sectors for IT
    • Life science
    • Food market
    • Logistics 
    • AI
    • IOT
    • Electrified business for example Volvo is going to open new branch for Electrified vehicles  
Thoughts of companies about hiring employees

Due to COVID-19 most of the companies are observing how the world changes related to product demands and new situations of market. So we hope they are going to start hiring massively from coming summer (April 2021). Therefore, this is the most important time to enrich knowledge, skills and communication. We have to remember we are going to catch the “New World Train”.  

How to catch IT room of New Technology Train?
  1. Need to focus on particular areas and always keep updates of latest features. For example as a front end developer we need to focus on React js or Vue js including the following activities
    1. Involve latest courses that contains latest updates. Some online platforms are
      • that is connected to linkedin
      • that is very efficient, free and popular for AI learning platform
    2. Always updates linked posts to expose our abilities of works
    3. Certificates could bring extra marks
Tips for finding job
  1. Make about 4 types of resume and submit appropriate cv to recruiters because of reviewing cv is the entry point of process of a job so please do not take is silly.
  2. Short cv is better with highlighted key points that focus your real expertise in particular focused area
  3. Please do not stop by only sending resume. Better to call or email to the recruiter about the job details and your skillset that matches job requirements that would be really helpful to get attention of a recruiter and bring extra value among the other candidates    

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