Khandaker Toihidul Islam
Software Engineer
Backend : PHP | Mysql | Symfony | CakePhp | Wordpress | Drupal
Frontend : Node js | Vue js | React Js | Javascript | HTML | CSS | Bootstrap
Tools , Server : Nginx | Apache | Git | Jenkins | Jira | Asana | Silenium | Spira

Khandaker Toihidul Islam

Render large lists in React

1. Pagination Pagination allows you to render data in pages as opposed to rendering all the information at once. This way, you basically control the amount...

Birth certificate from Bangladesh embassy in Sweden

BIRTH CERTIFICATE Online Birth Registration Information System (BRIS) allows Bangladesh citizens to apply for Online Birth Registration Certificate through the Embassy of Bangladesh in Stockholm. Bangladesh...

Wifi turned off trubleshooting

got to device manager go to human interface devices delete and uninstall airplane Mode Switch and Airplane Mode Switch Collection. from top menu of device manager...

Online marketing

Government of Queensland have published total over view of online marketing that contains the the market strategies, benefits and way of success in bran promoting of...

413 (Request Entity Too Large) in nginx

Login as root Run the command sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf Add the line under http # set client body size to 64M client_max_body_size 64M; Restart nginx sudo...

Good for typing speed

Very helpful for increasing typing speed,toihid,TMIT3-se-0004,A001&

Driving theory test learn and practise

Good resource in online that have 1000 latest questions, quiz and answers in details have category wise traffic rules, efficient videos for car driving...