1. one topic per website page
    • create more pages
    • for page list of compatitors site://anerdsworld.com/
  1. basic page optimization
    • Content : keywords
    • Url: /logo-design-sweden   is correct but /one-page-on is wrong
    • What the page about
    • Words should be at least 500
    • Image should be proper name and alt text
  1. Add outbound link. For example link to well known sourse and open to new window
  2. internal link . Have to add 3 to 4 internal link in every page therefore user can move and stay longer
  3. ankor tag should be well describable must not just like ‘click here’, ‘read more’
  4. updates at least 2 times a month , we can check by waybackmachine. Update can be a image and short descriptions
  5. local indicator such as name, address, mobile, email etc that must be verified and real
  6. google verified business
  7. google review
  8. get googled. Let people to search the name not just direct name. Like a video content we can speak many times business name not direct link therefore audiences search the name in google that is most important for google ranking

By toihid

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