5 Common WordPress Security Issues

  • Brute force attacks
    • Try to login by bot
  • File Inclusion Exploits
    • Try to get file access
  • SQl Injection
    • Try to inject sql to Database by inserting new data , malicious , spam
  • Cross-site Scripting
    • mostly can be found in plugin
  • Malware
    • Try to get unauthorized access by injecting into file

Important to know

  • 75% are from WordPress plugins
  • 14% are from core WordPress
  • 11% are from WordPress themes



  1. Use a strong password for every online account.
  2.  Install a WordPress security plugin.
  3. Enable WordPress two-factor authentication.
  4. Keep your WordPress site updated.
  5. Set up proper permissions on your server.
  6. Run scheduled malware scans.
  7. Have a reliable WordPress backup plan.
  8. Activate WordPress Brute Force Protection.


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