The effective tips for cope up new cultures (Swedish)

  1. learn Language
  2. Do not provide the recipe rather then cook together
  3. For getting job
    • need to do local short course
    • In lunch need to eat same types of food
    • Must not any smell from lunch because that space may be used for official purpose, may one feel annoying and some persons may have allergy problems.
    • Safe food as like
      • Samlmon fish, mash potato, dal curry, vegitables, chicken (no smell, spicy and little masala mix)
  4. Invitation for fika (snacks & drinks )
    • Invitation like ” the next weekend I and my wife going to prepare a special dish, you can join with us”
    • Must be food smell free from apartment 
    • Super clean before arriving guests
    • new/clean dress
    • Learn proper way of using spoons.
  5. See youtube videos about the cultures
  6. If any one ask about our country , must to express truth not the fakes. For example,  Our country [Name] is a beautiful specially climate, green natures, rivers, lakes and ocean however, we are try to overcome from poverty, corruption and education. 

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