About Khandaker

Looking for new challenge on frontend development. Would you please review my resume and please let me know you if you need more about me

Although I worked as a full-stack & web developer for about 7 years, I realize that I am more comfortable in Frontend Developemt therefore, I am looking for new chalange in Frontend Development role preferable in Gothenburg or hybride location.

Experienced React Frontend Developer and TypeScript specialist with a strong focus on crafting seamless user interfaces, maintaining service provider dashboards, and managing e-commerce orders through Rest API integration. Pioneered innovative solutions for multivendor platforms in the repair industry. Elevated global E-commerce experiences with significant contributions, utilizing React, Woocommerce, and TypeScript. Thrives in collaborative, fast-paced frontend development teams, ensuring streamlined and optimized multivendor transactions.

My learning projects by React

I would be very happy to attend speed interview over phone call +460764467519