Khandaker Toihidul Islam
Software Engineer
Backend : PHP | Mysql | Symfony | CakePhp | Wordpress | Drupal
Frontend : Node js | Vue js | React Js | Javascript | HTML | CSS | Bootstrap
Tools , Server : Nginx | Apache | Git | Jenkins | Jira | Asana | Silenium | Spira

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Online marketing

Government of Queensland have published total over view of online marketing that contains the the market strategies, benefits and way of success in bran promoting of...

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Photography For video blog

লাইলাতুল কদর

Dr. Jakir Nayak speace লাইলাতুল কদরের নিদর্শন বর্ণিত হাদিস সহি মুসলিম,  খন্ড -বুক অফ ফাস্টিং , হাদিস নং ২৬৩৩ Zirr b. Habaish reported: I thu...


Integration Testing

Example: One Feature “Bank transaction” consist of 5 modules such as Login   (Developed by Coder 1) Current Balance (Developed by Coder 2) Deposit (Developing by Coder...