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Good for typing speed

Very helpful for increasing typing speed,toihid,TMIT3-se-0004,A001&

Driving theory test learn and practise

Good resource in online that have 1000 latest questions, quiz and answers in details have category wise traffic rules, efficient videos for car driving...

Move to Sweden

Student application Apply in Send required documents Get result apply for accommodation Send academic fees Get payment confirmation Manage bank solvency Apply for visa Interview...

Freelancing in Swede

Register your company at Skatteverket and choose a form. Sole trader (Enskild firma) is a simple way to get started, with the least amount of paperwork...

Power of attorney for getting prescribed medicine

To get prescribed medicine for some one else, need to allow power of attorney by

Registration (Form 5456)

If you came for study in Sweden If you moved to Sweden for study then you need to Register to If you moved to...

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