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Monthly Archive: April 2020

Important 100 verbs in Svenska

Audio 1. Swe Eng Swe Eng 2. anlända arrive fråga ask 3. bada bathe bli become 4. att Börja begin tro believe 5. ha sönder...

Question is Svenska(Swedish)

First, the easy stuff: Who = vem What = vad When = när Where = var/vart Why = varför How = hur Noticed that there are two words for “where,” didn’t you....


WordPress common migration issues

Over the years WordPress has become the “most trusted CMS” worldwide thanks to its large developer community, countless plugins, and scalability in terms of features and...

Nginx configuration for symfony

Create a config file “” in etc/nginx/site-availabe and ensure the php version For symfony 4.x For Symfony 3.x, 2.x More details